• Complete development and implementation of customer special purpose EPS and EPP molding machines of different sizes at reasonable prices
  • EPS shape molding machines for general production (SA Series) moldings for the packaging and transportation industries and molding machines specially designed for the production of foamed insulation panels for the construction and insulation industry (PL Series) which by their very low energy consumption and cycle time, flexible and excel application
  • EPP molding machines for the production of molded parts for the automotive and packaging industries, multipurpose and transport boxes with very short cycle times and very economical use of energy resources (Consumption up to 80% less than comparable machines and cycle time from 40sec.)
For all services, we place particular value on:
  • close cooperation and coordination with the customer
  • reliability
  • mechanical stability of our machinery and equipment
  • quality components for control and control systems
  • very low energy consumption (e.g. from 1,2-2,1kg steam/m² with EPS/NEOPOR)
  • very short cycle times (from 26sek. / m² for EPS and from 40SEK. In EPP)
  • ease of use
  • constant product quality and properties
  • high repeatability
  • high functionality, availability and possibility of flexible application

Our molding machines are supplied complete with
  • depending on the type and version with two to four filling systems
  • depending on the type and version with tools and und Injectors
  • depending on the type and version with management and control of double-layered paddings
  • Management and control of undercut and single vacuum system